Dominion: Dark Ages

Dominion: Dark Ages In Stores Now!

Dominion: Dark Ages is arriving in stores on August 23rd. With 500 new cards, this expansion is the best deal yet. I played a quick game with a friend who brought it from GenCon and had a blast. The new shelter cards that start in...


Rune Age Review

I managed to get a copy of Rune Age from Fantasy Flight Games while I was at GenCon. We’ve played it a decent amount in the last couple of months, and I have to say I’m impressed. This is a multi-player deck building game with...


Very Late GenCon Recap

GenCon was a blast this year, I managed to play some games, hang out with some friends, and make a couple of new friends. Before I left I posted about various games that should be at GenCon. I managed to pick up review copies of...


Rune Age In Stores Soon!

Depending on which distributor they have it coming from, and how far of a ship they are away from their distributors, stores should have Rune Age this week! I actually work at Rainy Day Games in Aloha, OR and I know that we’ll have it...


GenCon is coming!

As most of you know, GenCon is next week. I just thought I’d highlight some of the deck building games I’ll be playing there. Fantasy Flight Games will have Rune Age and Blood Bowl Team Manager for demo at their booth. I can’t wait to...

Blood Bowl Team Manager

Is it, or isn’t it? Blood Bowl Team Manager Update!

Fantasy Flight Games finally updated everyone on Blood Bowl Team Manager this week. Now there’s the debate on whether or not it’s a deck building game. In the update they said it was originally announced as a deck building game and things changed during development....


Quarriors Promo Cards!

Must get promos… Everyone should head to their local store and pre-order today to ensure that they get these promo cards. More options is always a good thing! I know that the store I work at is seeing very high pre-order activity on this one....


Dominion World Championships Announced!

There will be a World Championship for Dominion at Essen this year. There will be qualifiers in various countries, with the US qualifiers being held at GenCon. The GenCon winner will get a free trip to Essen, which is worth as much as the World...


Rune Age Rules Posted!

Just a quick post for now, but I thought I would let you know that FFG just posted the rule book for Rune Age. Between this, Quarriors, and Eminent Domain next month is shaping up to be a good one for deck building games.


Quarriors: Rolling Up A Win!

A couple of weeks ago I opened up a package, and inside was a review copy of Quarriors! I’ve been waiting to play it some more since previewing it at GTS earlier this year. Lately, I’ve been playing Quarriors way too much. This game is...